Update: 06/14/10

USA Today weighs in “At CNN, perhaps a little, um, creativity is in order.”

Here is a great example of why CNN is losing viewers at such a rapid rate. Comparing YouTube videos of Justin Bieber and a prairie dog? Really? This has to be some of the lamest content on a news channel ever – which in my opinion is precisely why CNN has dropped off the ratings chart. Just awful.


There have been a few recent articles in the NY Times and The Independent that discussed the recent “precipitous decline in ratings” for CNN and its prime time programs. On the other hand FOX News has been increasing viewers at an exponential rate. The folks at Newsy also have a short video on the subject.

My question is where are all the CNN viewers going? Certainly not all of these viewers are switching to FOX? My personal view of CNN is that it has become a shell of its former illustrious self as THE cable news outlet.