During my career I’ve been fortunate to work with great people from my colleagues to my clients in various industries. Many of them have been kind enough to write a few words about their experiences working with me and I’ve shared a few of them here.




“Ed Munro is a smart, hard working professional. He is very experienced in marketing communications and can be counted on to get the job done correctly and on time. He is also a team player with a stable and pleasant personality. Ed would be an asset to any marketing oriented company.” March, 2010

Bill Lavidge, CEO, The Lavidge Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed as our Home Depot Account Director. He was simply a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional, and one of the best in the industry. Ed always maintained a positive can-do attitude and could always be counted on for accurate analysis and sound recommendations. He was always super responsive, detail oriented, and ROI focused with a creative perspective. He never lost focus of the client’s needs or company’s goals, always aiming to create win-win partnerships. He is a wealth of information, and is driven by excellence and providing smart, strategic solutions. As his client I appreciated and respected his knowledge, skills and integrity. He was a true partner who always provided excellent service from himself and his team. When you are working with Ed, you always know you are in good hands! I would not hesitate to recommend Ed. Any company needing a dynamic agency executive would be lucky to have Ed on their team.” Rita Conerton, Marketing Management, The Home Depot was Ed’s client at O2 Ideas”

Rita Conerton, Marketing Manager, The Home Depot,  February, 2009

“I had the pleasure of working with Ed for 6 years at o2ideas. His passion and hard work helped redefine the way we did business at o2. The processes and practices he developed are still the ones we use today. He possesses a savvy for the ad game that you rarely see. Not only did he build up our client base and dramatically increase our billings, but he help build a bench of very talented account directors in his wake. Ed facilitated a level of trust between our Creatives and our clients that led to some of the best work we have ever done. In addition to being an exceptional group account director, Ed is an exceptional person. If I could build the perfect ad agency from scratch, Ed would be one of the people I would contact first.”

Aaron Gresham, Associate Creative Director, o2 ideas, February, 2009

“Ed is an incredible partner & marketing professional! While working with Ed, I was always able to count on his determination for excellence. He provided great strategy, service, solutions and support to the fast-paced environment that our team worked in daily. He is an outstanding, extremely talented individual with a broad base of marketing expertise that makes him a true asset.”

Nicole Jones Basci, National Marketing Director, Spectrum Athletic Clubs, March 2011

“Need a strategically smart captain at the helm of your flagship account? Two words – Ed Munro. In the five years that I worked with him, he never failed to impress me with his stewardship of the accounts he ran. He knew the value of a clear and concise creative brief to time crunched creatives like me, and its importance as a springboard to producing great work. He intuitively recognized the tenets that separate the great from the merely good, adroitly analyzing work for its creativity and its ability to expressly answer the specific requirements of the job at hand. A detail orientated scavenger of the background facts that feed the creative process and a meticulous and persuasive presenter of the final work, working with Ed was a pleasure. If you’re looking for top-notch, top-down leadership, then look no further than this guy – he’s quite simply among the best there is.”

Ian David, Associate Creative Director, o2 ideas, March 2009

“I have worked with Ed Munro on large scale photo advertising campaigns since 2005. During this time Ed has demonstrated superior organizational, management and communication skills necessary to handle large-scale campaigns. He consistently ensures these campaigns are within budget, and completed within the set timelines. With Ed’s warm personality, attention to detail, superior organizational skills and wealth of industry experience he would be an asset to your organization. Based on these qualities I would highly recommend Ed for any suitable leadership position in the advertising and marketing industry.”

Mike Evensen, Owner, Evensen Media Services Inc. (business partner) March, 2010

“Here is an enthusiastic “ditto” to everything written in each recommendation for Ed on this page. Perhaps if copywriting were my forte I would find a new, clever way to extol Ed’s virtues but space is limited. The bottom line – Ed is the person you are looking for to embrace and enhance a leadership role. Ed’s qualities include an eagerness and aptitude to tackle any assignment with a quiet confidence that gains the respect of co-workers and clients. As a leader, he is an excellent role model and teacher. His years in the business entitle him to execute on his own path but he is wise enough to solicit and listen to counsel from others. Hire Ed if you have the chance!”

Alicia Wadas, Chief Operating Officer, The Lavidge Company  March, 2009