It’s not surprising that more and more professionals and small businesses are working remotely. From the home office to local coffee shops, airports, hotels and beyond, today’s mobile technology has allowed for routine day-to-day business and even making big deals to occur where ever there is WiFi, some java and a comfortable seat.

In a recent Fast Company article the dilemma faced by Starbucks, Panera Bread and other WiFi enabled coffee shops and restaurants is that more and more professionals are plunking down for hours on end and essentially setting up their office to conduct business four to five days a week. According to the FC article, “seventeen million to 26 million people work remotely at least some of the time depending on how you calculate it. And the figure will only swell as companies look to cut costs and workers increasingly eschew desktop computers for mobile technology.”

What used to be the sole domain of aspiring students and freelance creatives is now being shared by sales people, accountants and professionals of all stripes either working individually or meeting in groups – all with theiriPads or laptops plugged in and connected to everywhere.

The “out-of-office work environment” is also, in many cases, losing the bricks and mortar of the traditional office  space all together. In the realm of advertising and marketing agencies, cloud advertising is starting to become more and more common as clients are looking to save and agencies are now able to provide great service and marketing solutions without the added costs of infrastructure and overhead. SCIENCE CREATIVE is a prime example of this new successful business model.

We see the trend continuing as long as clients are receiving great service, competitive pricing and of course superior results. It will also be a must for coffee shops to cater to this growing business crowd by offering special deals, more outlets and greater convenience in order to create a loyal following of regulars.

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