There has been a lot of discussion recently on the new combined logo for the merger of United and Continental Airlines. Most comments claim that they messed up and missed out on their attempt at creating a unified logo that would build on the brand equity of both airlines. In Fast Company reporter, Alissa Walker, mentions that Saul Bass was the original designer of the United “U” as well as the former Continental logo. The familiar and classic United “U” that has been a part of popular culture for three decades will now be retired.

A posted comment by Omar Yacoubi recommends an alternative logo that updates the Saul Bass “U”. As it stands, the new logo looks more like Continental and sheds all of the familiar United logo and font. I wasn’t a big fan of United”s most recent livery and am now less of a fan of the new logo and livery. Who knows, they’ll probably change again in a few years when they are bought out by another airline?

United Continental logo